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Motion Capture (MoCap) Systems

Facilities 1 We have several Perception Neuron V2 wearable MoCap systems (magnetometer/accelerometer/gyro-based), which one is equipped by 32 sensors. With the system, it is possible to capture arm movement, finger motion, and full body kinematics. The data can be recorded in many MoCap/3D/CAD formats, or can be streamed in real-time directly to Motion Builder, Unity, Unreal and other applications.

Simulation Software

Facilities 2 Sevearl types of simulation software available: "DhaibaWorks" digital human modeling tool (from AIST); Motion Builder; Unity; Axes; Matlab; C++ compilers; Open NI, and others..

Haptic Devices

Facilities 2 For hand movement analysis and various haptic applications we have several manipulators, like SensAble Omni, GeoMagic Touch(s).

3D sensors

Facilities 2 For markerless MoCap, we use multiple Kinects, Xbox 360, Axus Xtion 2, etc.